The International Battle Pass is here to help fill this unique summer season with the epic trappings of Dota that we all know and love. Loaded full of new features and legendary rewards, the Battle Pass is your portal to unexplored riches and endless wonders as we celebrate the game and the global community that continues to help it thrive.

25% of all Battle Pass sales go directly to the prize pool of The International 10.

New Features


There's nothing more satisfying than smashing an Ancient with a great group of friends, and then doing the same thing again and again. With the introduction of Guilds, you can join a community of like-minded players to ensure that you always have the right team at your back on that road to victory. Work together to level up your guild and you'll also earn rewards for yourself and fellow members.

Anyone can join a guild, but only Battle Pass owners can create them.
  • Daily Contracts: Claim a Contract from a pool of daily objectives. Complete the objective and hang on for victory, and you'll be in line for an infusion of Guild Points for your mates and Battle Points for yourself.
  • Guild Challenges: Each week your guild will have four challenges available, each unlocked upon completion of another—along with a bestowal of Guild Points. Party up with 3+ guildmates in order to have your progress count.
  • Guild Rewards: As you grow your guild, it's only fitting that your accolades increase to match. Increase your Guild Level by participating in activities, either alone or with your guildmates. You can earn points by completing Contracts and Challenges, and unlock collective rewards like emoticons, bonus challenges, in-game Guild Banner upgrades, Battle Pass bonuses, and more.

A Special Summer Event

This summer, a mysterious power arrives to disrupt the war of the Ancients, and no one—god, mortal, or monster alike—can resist its terrifying pull. Step away from the battlefield and into a labyrinth of trials and horrors. The one to master it all... could be you.


Nightsilver & Foulfell - New Caver Crawl

Explore the moonlit forest of Nightsilver, where the goddess Selemene reigns and the veil between worlds shimmers in every glade. Win a game with any hero that blocks your progress in order to clear a path and continue your search for exclusive item sets, Battle Points, and special tools that will help you on the way. Venture deep enough, and you might even discover the path to a second map—Foulfell, where even more riches and dark terrors await.



Nightsilver cavern crawl



Battle Gauntlet

Prove your battle prowess through consistent victory in the all-new Battle Gauntlet, an even more competitive twist on your daily Dota experience. To accept the challenge, just join the Gauntlet queue by yourself or with friends at the appointed daily time for your region.
Win three games before you lose two and you'll score a boon of 1500 Battle Points and a Battle Tier upgrade. You'll start in Tier 1, 2, or 3 based on your skill bracket, but the finest warriors could reach the heights of 10.

Bounty Killing

Each week you'll receive Bounty Tokens used to place bounties on enemy heroes. Your teammates will see the bounty notice and a timer. If someone kills the target before time runs out, they'll earn 200 Battle Points. But the player who sets the bounty cannot be the one to complete it. Their reward comes only from savoring proper execution of the task. Increase the number of tokens you receive per week by raising your Battle Level.

Community Match Predictions

Each day we'll select one recent community match that all Battle Pass owners can see and vote on. You'll see the heroes, lane assignments, and skill bracket for the match. Make a prediction on which lineup triumphed and then check back the next day to see the results. With Battle Points rewarded for accurate predictions, there's nothing to lose apart from a guessing streak or two.

Most Valuable Player

Now each battle will end with carefully-calculated accolades, courtesy of the revamped MVP screen. Completely reworked from last year, the MVP selection now happens automatically, designating the MVP and two Honorable Mentions based on many performance metrics in each game. Not only will you get to finally prove you're the algorithmically-recognized greatest player of all time—or that supports really can be the lynchpins to victory—you could even earn achievements for being honored repeatedly.

Returning Features

  • Rank Double Down: Once per week you'll have the option to double your potential MMR loss or gain for a match. Reach Battle Levels 262, 435, and 755 to unlock two, three, and four double downs per week.
  • Collector's Cache Voting: All Battle Pass owners are invited to help weigh in on the final selection process for this year's Collector's Cache treasures.
  • High Five: Celebrate the thrilling highs and silly lows of each game with the return of High Fives. Raise your Battle Level to upgrade your High Five effects.
  • In-Game Tipping: It's important to recognize the accomplishments of others, and with the return of In-Game Tipping, it's as easy as ever to celebrate success.
  • Arcana Vote: The tradition continues. Once again, the community of Battle Pass owners is invited to select the next hero to receive a coveted Arcana item.
  • Evolving Chat Line: Salute the epic moments in each game by equipping a memorable call from a classic Grand Finals to your chat wheel. Your call will grow as you raise your Battle Level.
  • Recycling Immortals: Have a duplicate Immortal and no giftee in mind? Recycle four unwanted Immortal items to receive an unopened Immortal Treasure plus an extra spin on Rylai's Battle Blessing.
  • Trivia: Work alone or match wits with your friends to choose the right answers and best the global competition. Correct answers will award bonus points if a majority of players guess wrong.

Battle Pass Rewards

Raise your Battle Level to unlock increasing numbers of wondrous rewards. Level up by completing Battle Pass objectives or purchasing Battle Pass levels directly. Push your level high enough and you'll earn additional Immortal Treasures, a new equippable terrain, an evolving courier, hero taunts, and more.